If you've decided to read this white paper, you've probably already decided that your organization has suffered enough from the inhibitors to collaboration, lack of project visibility and productivity-draining manual processes that result of having a fractured, unintegrated software development and delivery tool chain. What you're deciding now is how to actually perform the integration work. Perhaps you've seen the power of Tasktop, yet somehow you feel that your development team could do probably do an adequate job of performing these integrations yourself. After all, you have smart software developers and this is "just" a software problem.

Sadly, you're not alone. Many of our most complimentary customers were once in your shoes. They attempted to do this work without the benefit of Tasktop's assistance and after spending time and money on alternative approaches, regretted their decision. We know quite a few cases, where they made several attempts and spent millions of dollars without ever achieving their goals. Happily, once they came to Tasktop, they were able to achieve their goals within just a couple of weeks. In some cases, just a few hours.

In this white paper, we'd like to lay out some of the downsides of attempting this work yourself.

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