Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is probably stalking the aisles of your organisation. You may not have begun the implementation of AI, despite some basic tool sets existing in the Azure, AWS and Google platforms the organisation uses, but the power of AI is already making its presence felt.

Fear that AI will displace jobs is paramount and I have heard it uttered within major organisations, at the school gate and at social gatherings. In late 2017, a report by the Royal Society of Arts stated that artificial intelligence and robots could replace 15% of the UK workforce over the next decade. That report instantly became front page news and triggered a debate across all walks of society. 

For many members of your organisation their view of you the CIO and your IT team may have shifted as a result of that 2017 report to one of fear and loathing. Are you the men and women in virtual white coats that will steal their jobs? Will you boot-up a robot that throws key workers on the slag heap of redundancy? 

The fear of AI can be countered though. AI will become an integral part of business transformation programmes over the next couple of years, just as cloud computing has in the last decade. As with every transformation project, the most important thing you can do as a CIO is ensure there is strong and honest communications about AI and how it can benefit the lives of team members as well as the organisation. Below is some useful AI messages that may help you quell fears and inspire innovation.

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