Information-Driven Financial Services, Big Data, and the Enterprise Data Hub

Provided by Cloudera

The greatest promise of the information-driven enterprise resides in the business-relevant questions financial services firms have historically been unable or afraid to ask, related to data consolidation and multi-tenancy, full-fidelity analytics and...

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Integration #Fail

Provided by Tibco

Integration may not be new, but its role has drastically changed. Once used simply for support, it is now an enabler – serving as an indispensable foundation critical to achieving agility, efficiency, and growth. Done well, it can drive better business...

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Limelight  Networks

Delivering to the Broadcast Quality Generation

Provided by Limelight Networks

Just being able to deliver digital content is no longer enough. People expect every organization to have a compelling, interactive, and engaging digital experience. The problem is that those same people want more. The experience has to be instantaneous…just...

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Leveraging Sitecore to Achieve Customer Experience Maturity

Provided by Arrow

11,900 companies use Sitecore to host their websites, but few maximize the platform's value. It can deliver personalized customer experiences, and businesses that do this consistently acquire repeat customers. Research shows referred customers are...

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